victim of rape

The autopsy result for 5-year-old Kadijah came out showing the cause of her death is RAPE. Kadijah, a minor was unable to bear the pain and later passed away. In a terrified Facebook post by her dad, you can see and feel the pain of a father as he wrote

‘’Kadijah was raped in Freetown and died afterward. An important part of us is no more. Kadijah received her United States Passport last year, and we were looking forward to her smooth transition to the United States where she had hoped to continue her education, and in the future, become a medical doctor, since that was all, she was talking about.
At age Five, Kadijah was very smart and outspoken, and thus became, a center of attraction among her peers, and she will forever be remembered.

Her passing has once again, reminded us about the downside of Procrastination. Most times, we plan so much about the future, without leaving room for that less than a second, terrible circumstance.
As we mourn her passing with faith and pain, we are also expecting #Justice For Kadijah. Until her death, Kadijah was a dual citizen of Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 and the United States of America 🇺🇸, and we are more than convinced that, both systems cannot fail us at the same time, in getting Justice for her.


We at Salone Messenger are calling on the First Lady of Sierra Leone and other human rights and child rights activists to come on onboard and take drastic measures against the rapist. This is uncalled for! This is pure witch and evil! The perpetrator must be apprehended and face the wrath of the law. Rape, in any way, must not be taken lightly. It is an act of terror. Sign the petition here now calling for justice

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